Bistro Ninety Eight


98 Scout Lozano, one of those idyllic streets cutting through the Tomas Morato Strip in QC. It's more than a "hole in the wall" start-up given the emphasis on quality ... and yes, it is a dream Bistro for a small community - not only a geographic area, but a group of people who share a common fondness for good food, happy moments spent together, simplicity of ambiance, and a place where laughter punctuates conversations.

Bistro 98 - a small town cafe,yes -- and more. A dream and an adventure of three budding chefs whose passion is to delight their friends' gastronomic wants; to serve neighbors who want to eat out and eat in; to provide quality food one would be proud to gift loved ones and friends with; to carry a limited line of Old and New World wines, that go well with a short Mediterranean menu.

... smile as you enter; smile as you leave wanting to come back soon.


Food Styles:


Greek and Mediterranean


Spanish/ Basque


Culinary Team:

Joseph Sanvictores

Phoebe See

Darwin Cardenas

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